Manage and Protect any Connected Device

Even in its infancy the Internet of Things creates as much concern and confusion as it does opportunity. PCs, tablets, smartphones, TVs, fitness devices, thermostats, cars ... The list of connected devices is almost endless.

How will consumers connect, control and maintain their wide array of devices? And how will they safeguard against the inherent security risks that exist in having so many devices online?

A variety of solutions are starting to take shape. But only one company has both the vision and experience to deliver the sound, innovative, intuitive results that consumers require and expect: Avanquest. With more than 15 years' history engineering mobile and cloud solutions for companies as large as Sony, Motorola and Dell, Avanquest's extensive experience is quickly paying dividends in this new, high-growth technology vertical.


myDevices enables device manufacturers to easily connect their "things" to the Internet. This white label platform provides a turnkey solution to Avanquest partners so that they need only supply an Internet-enabled device. The platform provides:

  • Device installation
  • Device activation
  • Secure communication with other devices
  • Subscriber management
  • Device management
  • Software updates and serialization
  • Back office tools for partner's customer service and marketing use
  • Much more

“myDevices is a completely re-brandable Device Management System that makes it easier, faster and less expensive for OEM partners to provide their customers with an Internet of Things dashboard”, said Kevin Bromber General Manager of myDevices. “Using Avanquest-developed technology, an end user can remotely manage all their connected devices from a smartphone or an online dashboard. Using the same technology, our OEM partners can also help their end users manage, diagnose and fix devices remotely.”

With so many Fortune 500 companies focusing on infrastructure to support the Internet of Things, one company is focusing on usability and maintainability of those things. Avanquest is that company, and the growth potential is nothing short of explosive.